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It’s very dark. You're walking through a maze like town feeling disoriented from the darkness and your surroundings. You don't recall coming here, but you know something is wrong. You feel in your gut someone watching you..hunting you. With only a flashlight with limited battery, and your wits; you must find your way out of this terror and away from whatever is lurking in the shadows. But remember, not everything is what it seems. 

(NOTICE: This version is currently a demo and does not represent the entirety of the what is to come.)


Due to the early stage of the game there are only very limited features available.

You have to find a key and open a hatch with it to escape the dangerous town! Your flashlight is low on battery! There are hints on walls. But think very carefully about everything you see or hear - the killer tries to misdirect you!

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder and launch the 'horrorgame_v0.10.exe'.
Then you can choose your quality settings etc. and start right into 'Hunted'!


hunted_v0.10.zip 51 MB


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